Friday, July 12, 2013


WIW Firenze Day 1

When you’re out in the open with 40ºC and not the slightest breeze, carrying a camera and shooting all those stylish individuals flying out to Firenze, just in time for Pitti, dressing up is definitely a challenge. While a tee and shorts might seem perfect for the job, pulling off a polished look with enough breathability and mobility to shoot, is not the easiest task. I’ve been praising the vest for a while now, and in fact, it’s just perfect to look put together with nothing more than a shirt underneath it. The combination of grey and army green is perfect, while the neck scarf adds some color to the whole look.

Details: linen vest by Zara, spread collar shirt by Millerighe, washed cotton pants by Boglioli, boat shoes by Buttero, aviators by Ray-Ban, vintage neck scarf, striped ring belt by Purificacion Garcia, watch by Daniel Wellington, bracelets by Viola Milano and local artisan.

Model and Styling: Miguel Amaral Vieira

That vest, that vest.


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